Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Book 3, Reimagined Art: VOX by Nicholson Baker

HOLY CRAP! It's been 6 months and Matt finally has something to put up!


So, to refresh your memory this book is one long phone conversation leading to phone sex. For this cover I wanted the foundation to be a fairly sexy head shot of a woman talking on the phone. However, I wasn't able to drum up a willing female volunteer for a photograph... 

Okay that sounded a little dirty. But I digress.

I ended going in the ironic direction. I found a perfect vintage, black and white photo of a 50's housewife on the web. 

I used the magic of Matt-i-color (the cheap Rhode Island version of Technicolor) and brightened up the picture a bit.

I then imported the whole sha-bang into Illustrator and, using Adobe trickery and a darker picture, brought the title magically out of the photo. Voila! The finished cover:

The floor is now open for comments, questions, suggestions, and critiques.

And keep an eye out on the site soon. I'll be posting various projects I've done in class... the 21st century version of a spelling test on the fridge!