Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Amazing Album Covers: Okkervil River & William Schaff

I'd been hearing a lot about this band called Okkervil River. So I picked up their new CD, The Stand Ins, and I have to say I like them quite a bit. They have this very melodic and eclectic sound reminiscent of a lot of bands I've been listening to lately. Go to their site to check out their tunes.

One thing I didn't catch right away, though, was a very special detail about their album covers.

They're not done on a computer. They're not drawn or painted. That's right all my crafty friends out there... THEY'RE EMBROIDERED! How fucking cool it that?!

To top it all off (and to demonstrate how small Rhode Island is), the artist, William Schaff, is a local Providence musician who plays with the What Cheer? Brigade

What a small world...


JM said...

his art is amazing, in whatever medium he chooses

Rory Raven said...

If you think the album covers are cool, you should see teh rest of his work. He is really, really impressive. And a nice guy to boot!