Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Nightingales of Troy: Great Book Cover

Being that I work for Books on the Square, a independent bookstore in Providence, RI, I get the opportunity to preview and review books before they come out. A current collection of stories I'm reading (that's being released in July 2008) is The Nightingales of Troy by Alice Fulton. While I'll be reviewing the book at a later time and place, I'd love to share the cover with you:

This beautiful cover was created by Kimberly Glyder, a designer out of Philadelphia.

This collection of short stories follows four generations of women (from great grandmother to great granddaughter) and the intriguing stories that connect them all. This cover perfectly reflects each story with the old clip art images on weathered pieces of paper each connected by a subtle dotted line. I also must commend Ms. Glyder on her use of fonts and decorative pieces (especially the adornment emanating from the bird).

I'm really enjoying this book so far. Be sure to check it out when it's released next month.

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The Empire Revue said...

I'm a fan of the scrapbook look. I
also love the dotted line and that slinky-looking thing.

The Empire Revue said...

Ohhhh pretty! When are you coming to Guest Beatnik??